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Notary Services: Contact (202) 727-3117, Open for walk-in 9 am - 1 pm, Monday-Friday, except holidays, Location: 441 4th Street, NW.

The Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia announces the new Digital Archive for the Office of Public Records and Archives. This repository will make historical records from the DC Archives available digitally to the public for historical and genealogical research.

Please visit the site at

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DC One Fund FAQs

Why should I donate through DC One Fund?
The DC One Fund is a convenient tool for you to make a donation to the charity of your choice through payroll deduction. If you itemize deductions on your taxes, this is a simple way to track your donations. Also, please remember that every donation of any dollar amount makes an impact in our community.
Can I do a one‐time donation?

Yes, you can. Go to and select the “pledge now” button, login, and then you may donate using the one‐time payroll deduction option or the credit card option.

How do I find my agency’s coordinator?
Send an email to [email protected] with your agency’s name and we will respond to you with the name, email and phone number of your agency’s coordinator

Can I give $25 or less to my favorite charity?
No. United Way of the National Capital Area, which is the lead administrator of the DC One Fund drive, will not send donations of $25 or less to an individual charity. If an employee wants to designate funds to his or her charity of choice, the total annual contribution must be at least $26. Donations of $25 or less will be treated as undesignated contributions. Undesignated contributions are used to pay for the annual financial audit of the DC One Fund and other administrative costs. The United Way’s Community Impact Fund is supported by the remaining undesignated funds.

Can I change the amount of money allocated or the charity to which my donations are allocated?
Yes. Please go to the DC One Fund donation site, select the “pledge now” button, login, and from there, click “edit” on the donation summary page.

My charity is not a member of United Way or United Black Fund. How do I get my charity on the list of One Fund charities?
Go to to obtain an application for independent organizations.