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Notary Services: Contact (202) 727-3117, Open for walk-in 9 am - 1 pm, Monday-Friday, except holidays, Location: 441 4th Street, NW.

The Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia announces the new Digital Archive for the Office of Public Records and Archives. This repository will make historical records from the DC Archives available digitally to the public for historical and genealogical research.

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Frequently Asked Questions -- Ceremonial Services

Question:  What is the Ceremonial Services Unit?

Answer:  The Ceremonial Services Unit is responsible of all Mayoral proclamations and ceremonial documents and letters.

Question:  How can an individual, business organization, or agency obtain some form of recognition from the Mayor?

Answer:  The Ceremonial Services Unit receives requests for ceremonial document. The Mayor recognizes notable activities, events and actions in the way of proclamations, letters of condolence, greetings, welcome, appreciation, birthday, congratulations, retirement, anniversary and public service awards.  View the types of ceremonial documents.

Question:  How do I request a ceremonial document?

Answer:  All requests for ceremonial documents must be made online via the online submission form. The form can be accessed at the Office of the Secretary. 

Question:  I do not have access to a computer so what other way can I submit my request?

Answer:  If you are unable to submit a request online and do not have anyone who can submit online for you, your options are to fax a request to (202) 727-3582, mail, or hand-deliver a request to the Office of the Secretary, Ceremonial Services Unit, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 419, Washington, DC 20004.

All requests must include the following information:  (1) Contact information -- name, address, telephone number and organization of requester. (2) Type of document being requested. (3) Date of activity. (4) Information about the event for which the document will be presented and/or the person being honored. (5) Draft language, if applicable. (6) Method of delivery – pick-up at the Office of the Secretary, mailed or emailed. (7) Event invitation or other document that helps explain the nature of the request. (8) Ward of event location or ward of recipient’s residence.

Question:  How soon can I expect to receive a document?

Answer:  Due to the volume of requests for ceremonial documents, please allow three weeks for processing so that you receive the document prior to the date of the event or publication deadline. The unit will do its best to accommodate requests in a shorter time period. Requests with a deadline of less than three weeks may be considered if the pending workload, timeliness of the request and information available makes it possible to do so. Emergency or short deadline requests such as condolence letters must be submitted with draft language and will be accommodated as workload permits.

Question:  How far in advance can I make a request?

Answer:  Documents should be requested no more than three months in advance of an event.

Question:  How many documents can be requested for an individual or organization?

Answer:  One document is provided for each event.  

Question:  I am requesting certificates for several individuals who are being honored. Can I get a certificate for each person and a proclamation for the event?

Answer:  Requests for multiple certificates will be considered at the discretion of the Ceremonial Services Unit and based on the number of documents needed and the timeliness of the request.

Question:  Is there a charge for a ceremonial document?

Answer:  No, there is no charge for a ceremonial document.

Question:  Who should I contact to invite the Mayor to my event?

Answer:  The Ceremonial Services Unit cannot make any determination about the Mayor’s availability for an event. All scheduling requests should be made to [email protected] or by calling the Mayor’s office at (202) 727-6263.