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OS Staff Directory


Office of the Secretary    
Executive Office   (202) 727-6306

Lauren C. Vaughan

Secretary of the District of Columbia  
Joy Holland Deputy Secretary of the District of Columbia  
Wiwiek Chandra Rembrandt Manager of Special Projects  
Arlethia Thompson Executive Assistant  
International Affairs and Protocol   (202) 727-6306
Dr. Patricia Elwood Protocol & International Affairs Officer  
Brandon Pless Staff Assistant  
Ceremonial Documents   (202) 727-5082
Betty Akers Director, Ceremonial Services  
Office of Documents   (202) 727-5090
Victor L. Reid, Esq. Administrator  
Angela C. Parsons, Esq. Staff Attorney, Deputy Administrator  
Sarah Bajaj Administrative Issuances Specialist  
Damali Kajubi Editor  
Sherie Mitchell Staff Assistant  
Luke Savonis Statff Assistant  
Notary Commission   (202) 727-3117
Judi Gold Notary & Authentication Officer  
Andrew Washington Notary & Authentication Specialist  
Joyce Ogburn Notary & Authentication Specialist  
Ronnell Ferguson Notary & Authentication Specialist  
Tabatha Braxton Notary & Authentication Specialist  
James F. Bulger Notary & Authentication Specialist  
Office of Public Records   (202) 671-1105
Rebecca Katz Administrator  
William Branch Senior Archivist  
William Walker Archivist  
Ali Rahmaan Archivist  
Danny Brown Staff Assistant